Thank you for asking for more information about becoming a part of the [MyGreat] Story Campaign!

Being a [MyGreat] Story friend means that you will promote the campaign to your friends and family through your social networks, using the materials we provide you.By helping this campaign, you will actively grow the number of people who know about and participate in the campaign, which will directly benefit immigrants.

We will make the process simple for you by providing the following:

  • Tips and instructions on posting your own [MyGreat] Story: DOWNLOAD THE TIPS AND INSTRUCTIONS
  • [MyGreat] Story Toolkit which includes:
    • Example story
    • Information on how to talk about [MyGreat] story on social media in our toolkit
    • Handout and instructions to send to your friends and family, also in our toolkit: DOWNLOAD THE TOOLKIT

You will also be able to use your own story to share with others!  As a friend, you be actively promoting positive stories about immigration in your online community and actively supporting immigrants.  As a reminder, we will ask you to do the following:




Work on your own story and photo. Submit it here  by May 20!

Get instructions below.

[MyGreat] Story Tips and Instructions

MAY 20


Start thinking about 10 people you can contact to join the campaign who

would be willing to donate a minimum of $25 and post their own stories

beginning on May 25.  The toolkit below includes sample stories and more

information on [MyGreat] Story to share and inspire your 10 fellow story-tellers.



Follow PIRC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date on

current happenings at PIRC and follow the build up and launch of the campaign!




Stay tuned! We will contact you on May 25 and ask you to reach out to those

10 people to share their stories!  Our goal is to collect 200 stories or more

before the official launch on June 25!


MAY 25


Still unsure? Contact Liz at [email protected].  If you know your decision please click the corresponding button below!