Help Vulnerable Immigrants With Pro Bono Legal Assistance


PIRC serves the most vulnerable immigrants among us - immigrants who have fled persecution, who are victims of crime, who have little or no resources - those who have the greatest need. PIRC's staff is dedicated to the mission of ensuring access to justice to vulnerable immigrants in detention and in our community. But, the need for legal assistance exceeds our ability to serve.


  • PIRC partners with attorneys and legal clinics in many communities to provide legal assistance to indigent immigrants seeking asylum and other forms of immigration relief. PIRC's pro bono community plays a critical role in ensuring that vulnerable immigrants do not navigate the immigration court system or U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services alone.
  • PIRC is developing a legal training schedule and online resources to support pro bono attorneys in their vital work with vulnerable immigrants. Please check back for updates on training and resources. 
  • Click Here to complete our Volunteer Attorney Intake Form.
  • Click Here to learn about PBI's free CLE program



For more information on joining PIRC's pro bono community, please contact Benjamin Hooper at [email protected].


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